Arian Bulk raisins for sale to uk

Bulk raisins for sale

Arian Factory has made bulk raisins for sale to UK at exceptional prices. The festival has a variety of golden raisins and sultana raisins. Raisin packages are also varied.

Raisins have a small grain and are high in calories. Each number of raisins can be substituted for one meal. It also prevents the cancer that is becoming widespread these days. High quality raisins should be included in children’s meals as the child’s body becomes resistant to disease if consumed as a child.

raisins sale uk

raisins sale uk

Raisins in England

England is an island in Europe. England is one of the world’s leading powers and with a relatively small population it has high economic power. The best doctors in the world are in Europe and America. In recent years, physicians have been trying to take advantage of the benefits of raisins and grapes as medicines to treat many diseases. Why should we pay for medicines when we can be healthy by eating the maximum number of raisins?

raisins benefits

Introduction to Arian Factory

Arian factory is one of the raisin producers in Iran. Iran is the world’s largest golden raisins suppliers , sultanas raisins and sun maid raisin. Exports of Iranian raisins are known worldwide and many factories in the world use Iranian raisins. Arian Raisin Factory produces Golden Raisin and Sultana. The plant’s products are packaged in  bulk raisins for sale in Europe, America and Asia. The experience of exporting raisins to Europe has shown that Europeans love Iranian raisins. The reason is the taste of Iranian raisins, which has made a difference.

raisins manufacturer

raisins manufacturer

Introducing Iranian Raisins to England

England has a very humid climate in Europe. Rain is a constant feature of the country, so it is important to eat foods that are warm in nature. Raisins, due to their properties, neutralize moisture in the body, thus increasing the resistance of bones to moisture. The lower the moisture content in the body, the greater the physical strength of the body. The best raisins for England are:

  • Golden Raisins
  • Sultana Raisin
  • Sun raisins
  • green raisin
  • Black Raisins

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Introduction to bulk raisin varieties

Each grape cluster has numerous grape cubes. Each of the grape berries that are dried turns into raisins. When we collect raisins, the raisins are called bulk raisins. The above step is done by farmers. After that, it is time for the raisin factories to handle the separation and grading of raisins. At this point, the raisins of Grade a are separated from Grade B and C and packed into different packages. The packaging also differs.

  • ۱۰kg packing
  • ۵kg packages
  • Gram packages that are more expensive than kilograms in terms of price.
packag raisins

packag raisins

Bulk raisins for sale to uk

England has always welcomed the best Iranian goods. For example, carpets, nuts, saffron, pistachios, etc. are a variety of Iranian products that enter the UK. Raisins are also a variety of nuts used for both nuts and cakes. Arian factory has prepared  bulk raisins for sale in England. The difference between raisins for UK and some other countries is that price of raisins are cheaper and the highest quality raisins are shipped to this country. The difference is due to the volume of UK raisin purchases. The more raisins you buy per order, the cheaper the price will be.


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