California raisins are yellow raisins with different grading. The best raisins for export belong to California raisin. Golden raisin is for Iran and America.


california raisins price wholesale per ton box

california raisins price

California raisins price wholesale per ton excellent grade or specific to be divided. Raisin price or 1 kg, per pound or 1 ton and based on that, major buy takes place. We have tried to get the cheapest price golden Raisins types which is the California raisins. Raisins box is also classified.

raisins wholesale price

raisins wholesale price

What is raisin california?

California raisin is a kind golden raisins are produced in california, USA. California raisin in America and the golden raisins of Iran are the best golden raisins. Iran has 4 major cities that they produce golden raisins on a massive basis. The best suggestion to buy golden raisins is to contact us to ask for the price you requested. Because we operate as wholesale, our packaging is two types that we explain.

golden yellow raisins

iran golden yellow raisins nutrition

california raisins price wholesale?

The United States and Iran are two counties important California raisins. The golden raisins of the two countries are also in demand due to the standard A grade. So, buy golden raisins two countries are high. california raisins price are also available two countries are America and Iran. India and Turkey also sell golden raisins, but more than 70 percent of California’s raisins are exported by Iran and the United States. California raisins price are based on wholesale. Countries that want to buy golden raisins with wholesale price, Can be found on the list below for raisin California.

golden raisins grade A IRAN ۱/۸۹ $ PER KG- 1700 $ PER TON
golden raisins grade B IRAN ۱/۸۱ $ PER KG- 1600 $ PER TON

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