The cheapest raisins price per ton it can be buy through the Arian raisin site. Arian nuts factories,  is suppliers golden raisins in Iran. The price below is based on the price per kg. Each ton is equal to 1000 kg. Each kilogram kismis equals to 2.2 pounds.

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Raisins wholesale price per ton

Raisins wholesale price

Raisins wholesale price Iranian per ton export to the European countries with the cheapest price. Best Iranian raisins as follows golden and sunny raisins which is exported in packages of 10 kg. Raisins in bulk and packaging with methods FOB and CIF and EXW. Dried grapes are raisins. When the moisture content of grapes with Sun or chemicals is destroyed,We encounter with a substance called raisins. Raisins are a lot of properties. Many doctors for Treatment or prevention different kinds of diseases use raisins. Buy raisins and consume them permanently helps children have a powerful body.

price sun raisins

price sun raisins

Types of export raisins iran

Raisins In the whole world Is similar But the best raisin belongs to several countries. Buy Iranian Raisins in 2019 and 2018 by europeans has reached the highest.The main reason is the cheap price of raisins. Golden raisins and iran sunny raisins best raisins for export.

raisins wholesale

raisins wholesale

Raisins export methods

Exports of raisins in Iran are of great importance exports with raisins you can enjoy great import benefits. Iran has a lot of problems with exports, but with these conditions Arian raisins factory can the method CIF and EXW deliver raisins. The CIF method is destination country delivery and the EXW method is delivered at Iran Factory.

golden raisins vs sultanas

golden raisins vs sultanas

Raisins wholesale price

Raisins wholesale price According to the delivery method It’s different. There are many raisins exporters in the world that Iran is one of them. Given that Iran is the second-largest exporter in the world, with strong exporters as well. Raisins wholesale price in Iran Economically, it is more profitable, because the price of the dollar in Iran is expensive. Whatever the price of the dollar is more expensive, wholesale price of raisins It will be cheaper.

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Raisins crop price per ton 2018 and 2017

Raisins price per ton

Raisins price per ton 2018 and 2017 there are a big difference that this difference has been in Iran. Golden yellow raisins Iran in 2018 has been reduced price. If you want the price was informed of raisins crop can see below a list price of raisins.


Several types of raisins are produced in Iran?

Iran is geographically a country that can produce a variety of fruits. The most important agricultural product in Iran after pistachio is raisins. Raisins comes from grapes. Grapes are very useful fruits for the human and animal body. When the moisture content of the grapes is taken, the fruit extract is converted into raisins. The following types of raisins are produced:

  • sun raisins
  • golden raisins
  • black raisins
  • green raisins

Raisins price per ton per ton 2018

There is a difference in Raisins price per ton in 2018 with raisins price per ton in 2017. Iran raisins increased significantly in 2017 due to geographical and cold weather conditions. By 2018, this trend was slowing down. That is, the price dropped because a large amount of raisins was produced. On the other hand, the price of raisins was very convenient because of the devaluation of Iran for raisin importers. For example, the price of golden raisins fell to $ 1, which is a very high number.

price raisins

name crop price
golden raisins grade 1 per ton ۲۰۵۰ $
golden raisins grade 2 per ton ۱۹۰۰ $
golden raisins grade 3 per ton ۱۷۰۰ $
sun raisins grade 1 per ton ۲۲۰۰ $
sun raisins grade 2 per ton ۲۱۰۰ $
sun raisins grade 3 per ton ۱۶۰۰ $

It should be noted that a ton is equal to 1000 kg. Raisins are packed in packages of 10 kg.


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