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High quality golden raisin shopping site

high quality raisin

Due to the expansion of the sale of golden raisins, many sites shopping have been created to facilitate the purchase of these products for customers. Golden Raisin Site is a high quality supplier.

The golden city is one of the major producers of high quality raisin because of high-volume grapevine cultivation.

Producing all kinds of golden raisins

Raisins come from the drying of grape varieties upon arrival and harvest. In the golden city due to the major production of high quality raisin, this operation is carried out in a factory and machine.

site raisins

site raisins

Good golden raisins

• Vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamins B, vitamin E
• Contains solvents and minerals such as calcium phosphorus and potassium
• Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
• The ability to rejuvenate the body of a variety of diseases and prevent diseases such as diabetes and cancer
• Ability to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and strengthen the brain
• Blood pressure regulator
• Heart and Liver Enhancer
• Reduce the risk of migraine headaches
The existence of high magic properties is one of the important factors in increasing the demand for the purchase of high quality golden raisins and expanding its sales throughout the world, including Iran.
The same increase in demand is causing sales, which is why manufacturers are required to increase the supply of these products. Efforts have been made in this regard.

Sale of high quality raisin golden

As we said before, there are many ways to sell and sell golden raisins that we’ll be selling to their most popular.
• Direct purchase : Direct purchases are mainly made from factories and manufacturers, which is possible from the factory door. This type of purchase is affordable and suitable for broadcasting the city. But one of the bad things is that many people do not have access to manufacturers, so they can not afford to buy raisins directly.

buy golden raisins

buy golden raisins

• Purchase from dealers and stores : Dealers and distributor stores buy their products from manufacturers and sell them to the city. In most cities, there are high quality Golden Raisin Sales Representatives, which allows customers to buy their products in bulk or in bulk.

• Purchase from store sites : For more people to access a variety of golden raisins, there are sites for selling these products that order different kinds of raisins in different weights and deliver to the customer’s place.


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Wholesale price of Arian website raisins

raisins wholesale price

There is a wide range of raisins wholesale price with different grades in the table below. In this list you can find wholesale prices of Golden Raisin, Sultana Raisin, Black Raisin and Green Raisin. Arian Raisin Factory is trying to market the most desirable raisins at the cheapest price.

best quality raisins

best quality raisins

Raisins wholesale price on the market like any other walnut such as walnuts, nuts, almonds … are different from the retail price. After quality, price and type of packaging are very important in the export volume of raisins. Wholesale raisins are marketed in two ways. There are some who are businessmen and have warehouses. These people buy and sell large quantities of raisins. Others are factory-run and sell directly. Wholesale prices of raisins are lower than prices for retail.

price of golden raisins

price of golden raisins

How many kinds of raisins do we have?

Raisins are also called currants. Outside Iran raisins have a different definition. In Iran or Iraq, the raisins are known as brown currants or dates. Sultanate or date palm is a kind of sharp raisin that is light brown in color. Golden raisin is yellow raisin in English.. Sunny raisin is another type of raisin. Golden plum raisins sell the most, as they are exportable.

1 kg raisins

The most convenient method of buying 1 kg raisins

raisins wholesale price in iran

Most of all, exporters of raisins should be aware of the raisins wholesale price. Arian dryer factory with over 40 specialist and hardworking workers offers the best golden raisins at the following prices.

golden raisins grade A+ ۱/۹۲ $ per kg
golden raisins grade A ۱/۹۰ $ per kg
golden raisins grade B ۱/۸۵ $ per kg
sultana raisins A+ ۱/۶۹ $ per kg
sultana raisins A ۱/۶۵ $ per kg
sun raisin grade A+ ۲/۲۱ $ per kg
sun raisin grade A ۲/۱۵ $ per kg
black raisins grade A+ ۳/۳ $ per kg
green raisin grade A+ ۱/۷۱ $ per kg

price of sun maid raisins

Sun-dried raisins are relatively expensive in the sun. There are two reasons for the expensive price of sun-dried raisins. Low volume production of sun-dried raisins and long production process. Sultana and golden raisins have the least production time, but sun raisins take more than 2 months. The high time has allowed the gardener to earn more money, so he is less likely to produce sun-dried raisins.

price sun raisins

Wholesale price of Sultana raisin

Price list of raisins divided by the table above. It is important that raisin is a good commodity. That is, each raisin has a definition of quality, so check out the above prices and then ask us to match the raisin quality to the price. This will make it easier for you to choose between several raisin dealers.

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sale site golden raisin export

golden raisin export

Today many retail sites offer a variety of golden raisin export is a grade. The details and benefits of exporting golden raisins can be found in the following article. You can also find important suppliers of raisins on the Raisin website.

The Golden City having a large number of vineyards with high breadth is one of the major producers of grapes and raisins. More than half of the grapes of the gardens and vineyards in the city are dried and converted into raisins. The city’s raisins are filled in and out of the country so that export raisins is one of the major economic activities, including the most important non-oil revenues in Iran. The main golden raisins suppliers and sun maid raisins are located in Iran, so referring to the top iranian raisins suppliers will help you to obtain different types of raisins at a cheaper price.

site raisins

Buy a classy golden raisin in Iran

Raisins are sold in different ways in Iran and are available to customers. Such methods can be called the following:

  • Direct purchase from manufacturers
  • Purchase of the main sales agents of the products
  • Major ordering of player sites
  • Purchase from stores and retailers
  • Purchase of shop sites

You should know that the store sites mentioned in this section are also able to sell and supply abroad. In addition, direct selling agents of these products also have online ordering and ordering sites that facilitate the registration of the order for its customers. In addition, buying from their dealers and sites is worth much more appropriate than buying from other sellers of these products. In addition, purchasing from factories is a major possibility, but the dealers can make a partial purchase at the right price of raisins to their customers.

golden raisins suppliers

golden raisins suppliers

varieties of Golden Raisin export

Different types of golden raisin, due to the taste and the process of planting and harvesting and unique drying, in addition to domestic demand and sales, also have a reputation and demand in other countries. The high reputation of this product has increased exports as well as its sales in different countries, and the increasing exports has maintained the quality of cultivation and harvesting as well as the quality of the product. In addition, this export increases the non-oil revenues in Iran, which is a high interest in the country.

raisins benefits

In addition to exports to common methods and exports of these products, there are also stores and nuts in Iran that have a variety of golden raisins with excellent export quality and great taste in gift packaging for ceremonies or souvenirs for persons who intend to leave the country Or even as a gift, they have prepared to offer and provide for sale.

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Cheap golden raisin for sales site

golden raisin for sales

The site for selling cheap golden raisins is one of the ways to make it online. Gold raisins Include the best golden raisins and organic golden raisin for sales in different sizes.

If you are raisin by fans and consumers, be sure to stay in the market for these products. When you buy raisins on the market you will be faced with a variety of different types. This variety includes colors, flavors, prices, and more. In this article we will introduce you the types of raisins and methods of production of this product.

site raisins

site raisins

Introducing raisins and its varieties

As you know, raisins are a product of grape fruit drying. In the drying of grapes from the past to now, various methods have been used. Currently, this product is produced in both traditional and industrial form. In the traditional way, grapes are dried by sunlight, and in industrial use using sulfur smoke or sharp water solution. Raisins traditionally produced are dark and brown in color, but raisins produced industrially are yellow and golden.

golden raisins grad A

golden raisins grad A

Golden Raisins and Its Properties

As noted above, golden raisins are the result of the industrial drying of grape fruit. Usually, golden raisins are used alongside nuts and as snacks. Of course, some of its types are also used as plaque raisins. Golden raisins have countless properties, including the following:

  • Diabetes control
  • Preventing cancer
  • energy producer
  • Help maintain oral and dental health
  • Avoid getting Alzheimer’s
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Maintain heart health
  • And … .

export raisins

Buy golden raisin for sales in Iran

As you know, Iran is one of the producers and exporters of grapes and raisins in the world. Kashmar, Takestan and Boein Zahra of Bonab, Malekan and … are among the areas where raisins are produced in a wide range. Golden raisins are distributed in bulk and packaged in factories and workshops at the market level. If you intend to purchase this product, you can purchase the following:

  • Nuts and nuts stores
  • Distributors and sales agents
  • Chain stores
  • Internet shopping sites

The price of golden raisins in the market

You can buy golden raisins at different prices from the market, with a variety of factors affecting this price diversity, including:

  • Weight of product packaging
  • Purchase in bulk or packaging
  • Grape variety
  • Buy directly with the intermediary

And … .

sorce: www.arianraisins.com

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Golden raisin export sale site

Golden raisin export

Detailed information on the process of golden raisin export from Iran to different countries is available. Exports of dried grapes have increased in recent years. Price of raisins have also changed as follows. Iran is one of the most powerful countries in raisin production.

Raisin Producer in Iran

As mentioned, raisins are an important export commodity and more than 4% of the country’s dollar is obtained by raisins exports. Raisins are of different types and golden raisins are one of the most important so exporting golden raisins is very important. The most important cities for suppliers of golden raisins are as follows:

• Mlekan city
• Malayer City
• Bonab city
• Maraghe City
• Takestan City

site raisins

site raisins

Golden raisins export

The best golden raisins are the result of the productions of Malekan and Bonab. In Iran, due to its delicious grapes, it has a good taste and has many benefits for humans. The positive effects of eating raisins are as follows

• Heart
• Liver
• the brain
• Genital
• Digestion

Sale site of exported Golden Raisin

There are many sites on the Internet that you can buy online. You can find suppliers of golden raisins on the raisin website at a cheaper price. Raisin’s website describes the prices and prices of different golden raisin varieties.

site raisins

site raisins

The best suppliers of golden raisins

If you want to reach the big suppliers of raisins for exporting golden raisins, we either have to go to Raisin City or find through the site. The best way to find suppliers in different cities is to visit reputable sites. We need to visit Golden Raisin sites to get results quickly. Different sites export various raisins such as sun-dried raisins, sultana raisins, green raisins and black raisins. Each of these products has different flavors in different regions.

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Buy raisins organic on the website

raisins organic

raisins organic are popular with many people around the world due to natural ingredients, as well as various types of vitamins, and you can buy raisins and make delicious foods using raisins.

Raisins are one of the grape dried fruits that are used extensively. One of the main uses of raisins is the use of it in a variety of foods such as dill and a variety of dumplings. Also, this sweet and dry fruit is one of the main sources of our Iranian nuts and snacks that have been used for many years and enjoy the properties of raisins.

organic raisins

organic raisins

Raisins organic Direct Supplier

Our site is at the service of direct organic raisins, and you can make it and use it in your own dishes. For example, one of the foods that we use to make raisins is lentils, which, after preparation, are raisins organic in oil and roasted on rice, which can also be a very beautiful decoration for our food and It can also bring us the benefits of raisins.

Our site is at the service of direct organic raisins, and you can make it and use it in your own dishes. For example, one of the foods that we use to make raisins is lentils, which, after preparation, are raisins organic in oil and roasted on rice, which can also be a very beautiful decoration for our food and It can also bring us the benefits of raisins.

buy raisins

buy raisins

Major price of organic raisins

The price of raisins on our site is very good and you can easily buy it and use it. In addition to plaice raisins, there are other products available.
Including raisins available on this site:
• Green Raisins
• Raisin red
• Black raisins or currants
• Raisin smoked

price of raisins

price of raisins

Organic Raisin Distribution Center

Our website, with the presentation of organic raisins, has worked hard to ensure the health of your loved ones. You can order the most pleasure-pleasing raisins in part or in full from our site and deliver it as soon as possible. Raisins have a lot of properties and have been emphasized since the times of eating, and the older ones were accustomed to raisin in their children’s pockets to keep kids entertained as well as their raisin energy properties.

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