Export the best golden raisins with price cheap

best golden raisins

Export the best golden raisins with price cheap. When we speak about golden raisins must consider the Sultanas raisins. Golden Raisins vs Sultanas is better Because, the sales volume is high. factory Arian raisins in Iran is supplier golden raisins with the highest Quality and the cheapest price.

sultanas raisins

sultanas raisins

The difference is golden raisins with sultanas

Golden raisins and Raisins Sultanas are two kinds of raisins best in Iran. Raisin sultana has a bright brown color and yellow golden raisin. golden raisins has sulfur dioxide but the raisins sultanas does not have sulfur dioxide.

golden raisins vs sultanas

Specification the best golden raisins

Golden raisins is on of the best export goods In Iran. golden raisins depending on Where to be exported has different qualities. Price of golden raisins is different from the price of Sultans raisin. Price list below, compare Prices have done.

wholesale price

wholesale price

price of golden raisins vs sultanas

The best golden raisins in the world is belonging iran. Turkey from countries Important in the world Sultana Raisin exports. In addition to Turkey, Iran also The second country in Production and export Raisins is Sultana. raisins price list as follows.

golden raisins grade 1 ۱/۹۸ $ per kg
golden raisins grade 2 ۱/۸۸ $ per kg
sultanas raisisn grade 1 ۱/۶۹ $ per kg

golden raisins vs sultanas

Above table based on wholesale price is set. wholesale raisins also has different definitions. In addition, buying more golden raisins will be cheaper. In addition, buying golden raisins to be more، raisins will be cheaper.

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