Exports 1 kilogram raisin

raisin exports

۱ kilogram raisins in export packages are already being prepared for export to other countries, which are also worth the price. The price of raisins for export is based on global prices.

Exports of high quality raisins are among the most exuberant types of export dried fruits. Because the sweet and delicious taste of raisins is the desire of most people, both inside and outside the country. Hence, first-class raisins are always welcomed by customers. If the raisins are put up after drying in export packages, they will increase some of their prices of raisins due to the export operation that costs their own during transportation.

export raisins

۱ kilogram raisin exports

Raisin has a high quality raisins 1 kilogram and has won world renown. Today, throughout the world, raisins are considered as a healing nourisher, which can easily be used as a dietary supplement, and has benefited from its unique properties.
The raisin’s properties for the treatment of diseases are as follows:
• Anticancer
• Allergy treatment
• Treatment of headaches and migraines
• Strengthen coronary artery disease
• Blood diluent
• Extends blood vessels
• Prevention of stroke
• Suitable for diabetics

• Guaranteed liver health
• Sinusitis treatment
• Heat the body part
• Energy and fatigue reliever
• And…
Therefore, it is always recommended that the curry be placed in the family’s food basket. It should be noted, however, that raisins do not have a special age group and everyone can use raisins from young to old. Because raisins are beneficial for all age groups and are rich in properties needed for health and their physical strength.

site raisins

site raisins

Exports 1 kilogram raisin

Unrivaled raisin properties have attracted many countries from this foodstuff. The city of BONAB and MALEKAN is largely responsible for producing the product due to weather conditions. It should be noted, however, that 1 kilogram raisins are also provided in addition to domestic needs for export.
Therefore, due to the transportation and export of raisins to other distant countries, it is necessary to have a well-packed raisin that is sanitary. Also, the quality and quality of raisins is clean, and nobody likes the taste of the soil when it is biting. Therefore, raisin exports has also paid attention to this, and has considered export-specific packaging as a raisin protector.

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