Exports iran malayer raisin

Exports iran malayer raisin

The exports value of iran malayer raisin has reached over 28%. Raisin exports are an important part of Malayer wealth. Malayer has a large stake in the supply of Iranian dollars and euros. There are large suppliers of raisins in Malayer.

Where is Malayer located in Iran?

Malayer is located in western Iran. Malayer belongs to Hamedan province. Agriculture and animal husbandry are the main occupations of this city. Grapes and raisins are the most important agricultural items. Malayer has many farmers and raisin factories. Raisin exports have become common in Malaysia since they have been exporting raisins for many years.

What is Malayer Raisin?

Every country and city around the world are famous for one or more products. For example, California raisins are the American or Golden Raisins of the landowners, and most importers come to the area to buy raisins. iran malayer raisin is also known for its acidic raisins. It should be noted that Malayer produces different types of raisins, but Malayer acidic raisins are more popular. Another popular Malayan raisin is sunny raisin. Sun maid raisin or organic raisins are produced in Malayer with a great deal of flavor and are very sweet and tasty.

malayer raisins

malayer raisins

Suppliers of Malayer Raisins

As mentioned above, Malayer is one of the largest raisin producers in the world. Malayer is one of the top 10 cities in the world. Raisin exports in this city have a lot of experience. Over 100 years of raisin exports has been able to introduce powerful suppliers to the world market. Most exporters of Malay raisins are located in Tehran, the capital of Iran. In order to buy low-cost Malayser raisins, you must contact major manufacturers.

golden raisins grade B

golden raisins grade B

Iran malayer raisin

Malaysia has professional raisins exporters but most of them are located in Tehran. The best way to find exporters of Malay raisins is through the site. Professional exporters must also have a professional site as exports are linked to the international market, so we must also have online exhibitions.

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Prices of Malayeri raisins

One of the characteristics of Malayan raisins is that it is cheap. The reason raisins are cheap in Malayer is not because of poor quality but competition in Malayer is high. Exporters of Malay raisins with fierce competition have reduced the price of Malay raisins. The export volume of raisins from gardeners is high, so they are cheap to buy. Cheap shopping also reduces the price of raisins for export. Of course raisins are up in 2017, but 2019 raises are down.

Raisins price per pound

Raisins price per pound for online sellers

Properties of Malayer Raisin

Malayer is known by the nickname of Raisin Town in Iran. Anyone who wants to buy raisins first pays attention to Malayer. Of course, you have to go to Malkan to buy golden raisins, but the raisins are sunny and sharp for Malayers. One of the most important reasons for the high demand for Malay raisins is the small size of Malay raisins. The smaller the raisins, the better for the food industry. Small raisins for cakes and pastries have the advantage of increasing the number of raisins per ton and being used for more cakes. For example, if each cake needs 4 raisins, the iran malayer raisin can make a lot more cake raisins.

global raisin production

global raisin production

Malayar brown raisins

One of the most popular raisins is brown raisin. Brown raisins are also known as organic raisins. When the grapes dry with the heat of the sun, the color of the raisins turns brown. Brown raisins are very sweet and many people use them to make alcoholic beverages. Voutka wine is made from golden and sunny raisins and has a great deal of alcohol.