Fresh bulk raisins wholesale suppliers

Fresh bulk raisins wholesale suppliers

Fresh bulk raisins wholesale suppliers are two types with and without seed. By buying currant raisins you can in the food industry and By providing raisins with seeds you can sell them to the end consumer in small packages. Terms of sale of Golden Raisin and Sultana by Iranian suppliers are as follows.

What is bulk raisin?

The raisins must be prepared in 4 steps. The first step is drying to bring the humidity to a standard. The second step is washing. The third stage is the separation of the tail and raisin wood and size. Up to this point it is about bulk raisins. After these steps we reach the packaging stage.

bulk raisins for birds

bulk raisins for birds

What is fresh raisins?

The raisins should be stored in cold weather so that the raisins are not damaged. Live insects grow in warm environments, so they should be kept in the cold. Fresh raisins communicate with live insects very soon, so they deteriorate sooner. It will harden when raisins stay for a long time, but fresh raisins are very soft. The moisture of fresh raisins is more than that of aged raisins.

Charactristics raisins wholesale suppliers

Raisin suppliers must be strong and honest. There are big businessmen who are both producers and exporters. The strength of the major supplier of raisins makes the raisin buyer plan comfortably. raisins wholesale suppliers are very different from retail. A major supplier of raisins should be able to supply raisins cheaply and be able to deliver on time. Raisins have different types.

site raisins

site raisins

Raisins are produced and exported in many countries, but some are mines. For example, Iran is a mine of golden raisins or Sultana raisins. Iran is the first exporter of golden raisins but the third supplier of different raisin types. Turkey and the US are two countries that supply a large amount of world raisins. The quality and taste of raisins in Iran and Turkey were natural because they were better than American raisins.

Types of Raisin Packaging

Raisins are shipped in several types of packaging because of their fine grains. Jumbo golden raisins are shipped in small 5kg packages due to their large size. The small raisins used for food are shipped in 10kg packages. Inside the packaging is a thick nylon that prevents water and moisture from penetrating. Pour the raisins into this nylon. The carton is also sheathed with a nylon to prevent any water or moisture from damaging the carton.

type of raisins

Minimum and maximum wholesale raisins

The minimum and maximum wholesale of raisins depends on the strength of the raisins wholesale suppliers. Each plant and supplier has the ability to export a certain volume of raisins. Arian factory with advanced equipment and good financial strength is able to export raisins in any volume so it is not defined as minimum and maximum. Arian Raisin Factory operates according to customers’ needs.