Golden arian raisins wholesale price in india

Golden arian raisins wholesale price in india

The wholesale price of Aryan Brand Gold Raisins in India is as listed below. Arian plant dried grapes are one of the major exporters of golden raisins. Golden raisins and black raisins have the highest consumption in India.

introducing Arian Raisin Factory

Arian Raisin Factory was founded in 2008. This factory is located in Iran and in Malekan city. The products of this collection include Golden Raisin and Sultana Raisin. More than 90 percent of raisin production is for export, and only 90% is for Iran. The product line includes washing, size separation and packaging. Other activities include contracting grapes for drying.

price of golden raisins

price of golden raisins

How to make golden raisins?

Golden raisins are the only raisins that, in addition to drying the grapes naturally, also use sulfur to change their color. Raisin yellowing is caused by placing raisins against sulfur smoke. Golden raisins are made from currant. Golden raisins are softer than sun maid raisins and black raisins. Its thin skin makes it the best case for cake and biscuits.

Export of raisins to India

India is one of the oldest and largest countries in the world. India’s large population has led to the largest imports among other countries. One of the major uses of raisins in the cake industry. Golden raisins are the best nutrient for cakes because of their thin skin, low sweetness and yellowing color. India, despite its large population, consumes the best food. Iran and India have been friends with each other for many years and have many trade relations, so exporting golden raisins from India to India is huge.

raisins wholesale price in india

Economics makes sense with price and production, so we need to offer the best price and quality in order to survive in the economy. Raisin is an important imported commodity for India so raisin prices are important. Wholesale prices of raisins in India are also 2 types. Raisins wholesale price in india vary by FoB or CIF. As arian Golden Raisins sales are determined by raisins exports are:

Golden raisins grade A in iran( FOB) ۱/۹۵ $ PER KG
Golden raisins grade A in iran( CIF) ۲٫۱۵$ PER KG

Golden Raisin Supplier

The best golden raisin is for Iran. There are only two cities in Iran that have excellent golden raisin quality. The former Iranian city of Malkan and Bonab has a 200-year-old golden raisin industry. There are many suppliers in these cities. 95% of gold raisin suppliers in these cities are among the top exporters of raisins, and there is no fraud. America is also one of the best producers of California raisins, or golden raisins. The difference between the US and Iran’s golden raisins is their size. American raisins are longer than Iranian raisins, so they are less commonly used in the food industry. Raisins wholesale price in india are also cheaper than in the US, so buying raisins from Iran is always high.

golden raisins suppliers

golden raisins suppliers

The Difference Between Iran’s Golden Raisin and America

The US and Iran are two important countries in the field of raisins. In addition to golden raisins, Iran also has sultana, sunny and green raisins, but American raisins include golden raisins. American Golden Raisin is larger in size than Iranian Golden Raisin. The taste of Iranian Golden Raisin is better than American Raisin because it is made from natural grapes. American raisins have changed breeds and differ in taste from natural raisins.

supplier raisins

supplier raisins

Wholesale price difference with raisin retail

The wholesale price of raisins is always different from the retail price, but how much this difference depends on the volume of wholesale raisins. The retail price of raisins with wholesale ranges between $ 2 and $ 3.

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