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Golden raisin export sale site

Golden raisin export

Detailed information on the process of golden raisin export from Iran to different countries is available. Exports of dried grapes have increased in recent years. Price of raisins have also changed as follows. Iran is one of the most powerful countries in raisin production.

Raisin Producer in Iran

As mentioned, raisins are an important export commodity and more than 4% of the country’s dollar is obtained by raisins exports. Raisins are of different types and golden raisins are one of the most important so exporting golden raisins is very important. The most important cities for suppliers of golden raisins are as follows:

• Mlekan city
• Malayer City
• Bonab city
• Maraghe City
• Takestan City

site raisins

site raisins

Golden raisins export

The best golden raisins are the result of the productions of Malekan and Bonab. In Iran, due to its delicious grapes, it has a good taste and has many benefits for humans. The positive effects of eating raisins are as follows

• Heart
• Liver
• the brain
• Genital
• Digestion

Sale site of exported Golden Raisin

There are many sites on the Internet that you can buy online. You can find suppliers of golden raisins on the raisin website at a cheaper price. Raisin’s website describes the prices and prices of different golden raisin varieties.

site raisins

site raisins

The best suppliers of golden raisins

If you want to reach the big suppliers of raisins for exporting golden raisins, we either have to go to Raisin City or find through the site. The best way to find suppliers in different cities is to visit reputable sites. We need to visit Golden Raisin sites to get results quickly. Different sites export various raisins such as sun-dried raisins, sultana raisins, green raisins and black raisins. Each of these products has different flavors in different regions.

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