golden raisin price per kg in australia

golden raisin price

The price of golden raisins per kg in Australia depends on how the raisins are delivered. The base price of golden raisins per tonne is below the price list, but the dollar exchange rate changes the price. Buyers of raisins have to pay attention to some important things. The price of gold raisins for industrial use is different from that for food.

Australia is one of the most important continents in the world. The center of Australia is Sydney. Australia is one of the countries with strong industries as well as agriculture and livestock. 

What is Raisin in Australia?

In the United States and Canada, the name raisins applies to all dried grapes, with breakfast cereals known as “sultana raisins” in Australia, New Zealand, and England in the United States and Canada. Sultana Thompson’s raisins is small and sweet and golden in color. Sultanas raisin is one of the different types of golden raisin and they differ only in color.

golden raisins vs sultanas

golden raisins vs sultanas

What is the difference between Golden Raisin and Raisin?

Raisins do not differ in properties, but in terms of texture and color. Farmers hang grapes in their vineyards on wooden fences to dry. In this case raisins are made. Golden raisins are a little different. Raisins are removed with a sulfur chamber. The sulfur chamber is a room with sulfur smoke in the air. The impact of sulfur smoke on raisins turns the color of raisins yellow.

iran raisin production

Prices of raisins with golden raisins

The price of raisins is more expensive than sultana and golden raisins. Raisins are made in the traditional way, so they are more expensive. Golden Raisins and Sultana are dried by immersing the grapes in chemical liquid without harm, so drying raisins in the traditional way is longer than the traditional method. The golden raisin price is determined per kilo. Wholesale prices of raisins are cheaper than retail prices. To send raisins to Australia must have a standard Iranian certification. The Iranian standard has been formulated according to the international standard.

global raisin production

global raisin production

Golden raisin price per kg in Australia

Each container holds 20 tons of raisins. Each box of raisins is 10 kg. In other words, it will fit in a 2000 box 10k container. To determine the golden price raisin per kilogram you have to add the shipping cost to the final price in Australia. Raisin packages should be standard. Iran has the best golden raisin, but is far from Australia, so the special golden raisin packaging is designed to withstand long distances. The price of golden raisins at the factory door is as follows. Australian customs duties arenot the same as for countries. Customs duties on travelers vary with raisin exporters, so we need to set a daily golden raisin price per kg.