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golden raisins 1kg price vs sultana

golden raisins 1kg price

Raisins are a kind of dried fruit that comes from grapes. The raisin properties for humans are so helpful that they come in the Bible of Jews and Muslims. The Romans used raisins as prizes during their tournament. Until the 20th century, raisins were produced only by Iranians and Egyptians. Since the mid-twentieth century, American advisers have also been added to raisin producers. The main source of raisin production in the United States is California.

price golden raisins

What is sultanas raisins?

Raisins have several varieties. The most important exporter of raisins is golden raisins and sultanas raisins. Sultanas raisins from seedless grape was built and pale yellow. Grapes are dried in a variety of ways. Types of grape drying methods make the size and quality of raisins different. Raisin s sultana is the same golden raisin but with less color. sales sultanas raisins such as golden raisin great  volume.

golden raisins vs sultanas

golden raisins vs sultanas

how much is golden raisins 1kg price?

Golden raisins 1kg price according to the price list below. The golden raisins 1kg price in the table is based on 20 tons of raisins. n other words, the price of golden raisins is set at the wholesale price. It should be noted that if the amount of raisin tonnage increases, prices can be changed.

price golden raisins grade 1 ۱/۴۱ $ per  ۱ kg
price golden raisins grade 2 ۱/۳۸ $ per  ۱ kg
price sultanas raisins grade 1 ۱/۲۰ per  ۱ kg

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golden raisins where to buy?

The most important and best raisin production center in Iran, Turkey and the United States. We are selling Iranian golden raisins. The best golden raisins in the world belong to Iran, so you can take advantage of the potential of raisin production in Iran to buy golden raisins.

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