Golden raisins suppliers Grade super

Golden raisins suppliers

Golden raisins suppliers in each country must have special conditions. Exporters need to sell raisin prices cheaply and in excellent condition in terms of raisins production and quality. The best golden raisins belong to several countries.

raisins production

raisins production

What raisins are golden raisins?

Raisins are produced in different ways. One method of producing raisin, raisin production method is acid. Once we have dried the grapes with raisin oil, we have to put in the chamber of sulfur smoke. There is a local sulfur chamber in which we place the raisins in the tray and burn the sulfur. Iran is the largest golden raisins exporters in the world. Mostly, golden raisin suppliers in Iran are among the manufacturers. To buy golden raisins at cheap prices, we must buy big factories.

golden raisins

golden raisins

important golden raisins suppliers Iran

An important center for producing golden raisins is in the cities of Malekan and Bonab. Gold Raisin Suppliers should have some important features:

  • Full equipment.
  • The money is excellent to buy bulk raisins.
  • Advanced setup
  • Health and Extension License.
  • Honesty
  • Timely delivery
raisins manufacturer

raisins manufacturer

Best Exporter of Iranian Golden Raisins

There are many who claim to know that they can export raisins, but only exports are not important. Experiences, ability to produce and supply, large and well-equipped factories, exporting methods are the most important items of raisin exports.

  • Arian Raisin Factory
  • Dehydrated Crop Factory
  • Akbarpour  Dry Fruit Factory
  • ASDI raisin factory
  • Expected raisin factory
  • Kashim Mohammadi Factory
where to buy seedless raisins

where to buy seedless raisins

 Golden raisins specifications

  1. Smooth and uniform sizes
  2. Totally yellow or golden
  3. Packing with cartoons for export
  4. Packed vacuum
  5. Health permits
  6. Export license
  7. The absence of raisins wreck
  8. Having a standard humidity

The following items should be included to buy Gold Raisins .


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