golden raisins wholesale price in iran

golden raisins wholesale

Golden raisins wholesale are for major purchases and exports are carried out through the Arian dry fruit factory. Arian Dried Fruit Factory is the largest and best supplier of raisins in Iran. The price of golden raisins per pound is listed below.

Sale of raisins is very important because of its export. Exporters and niche buyers are the most important food items that are easily bought and sold. So raisins are their first priorities.

price golden raisins

How to export golden raisins

  • First case: Golden raisins are among the most diverse types of raisins existing and produced.
    Gold raisins have the most exports along with raisin. Golden raisins require more stringent health permits due to the more complex process. Arian dried fruit due to all export licenses and medical equipment is complete.
  • The next item that raisins export is important is packaging. Arian dried fruit factory is able to deliver the raisins purchased with each package.
  • Finally, delivery is raisins. Given the political economic conditions in Iran, the issue of delivery is a bit complicated. This factory produces raisins both at factory and delivery in the destination country.
  • The above methods are called EXW and CIF. Method fob is also possible sale golden raisins. FOB method, raisin carriage is delivered to the port and the cost of carrying raisins with the customer. In the EXW method, the shipping cost is with the customer and at CIF with the seller.

golden raisins wholesale price per pond

golden raisins for export Privileged per pond ۰/۸۹ $
golden raisins grad 1 per pond ۰/۸۵ $

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