Golden raisins

Golden Raisins is the best Iranian export commodity. The use of golden raisin and sultanas has many benefits. The largest volume of Iranian raisin sales is dedicated to golden raisins.

Raisins are dried grape . Raisins have different colors. The method of drying raisins in its color is effective. Golden raisin have a more sophisticated manufacturing process. eaten Raisins are less than pistachios or walnuts, but the benefits of raisins are not comparable to other nuts. Eating raisins is only profitable and does not harm the body. For example, pistachios have many benefits, but increase blood lipids. In addition to the benefits of golden raisin, it also has a beautiful appearance that helps eating more. That is why it is the largest export raisin.

raisins yellow

Type of Golden Raisins

Dried golden raisins, like any other, has many types. The best golden raisin used to export to Europe, the United States, the Arab and Australian countries are as follows:

  • Excellent Gold Raisin
  • Golden Raisin Grade 1
  • Golden Raisin Grade 2

Sultana raisins are a variety of yellow raisins. The color of the raisin is white, brownish. Sultana raisins are used extensively in the food industry.