Importing the best golden raisins

best golden raisins

Golden Raisin is one of the best types of raisins produced in Iran, which imports from different countries around the world. Malekan and Bonab are the world’s largest gold raisin manufacturing center and Grape is grainy. Most of the golden raisins exports to these two cities.

golden raisins

Golden raisins are among the most major of the Golden City which is cultivated and harvested in large scale. Major cultivation of this product is due to two requirements.

  • Responding to domestic consumption requirements
  • Response to external consumption requirements (export)

Many countries due to lack of environmental conditions of this product are forced to import as a result of gold due to the widest vineyard and the major cultivation of raisins are able to export and sell this product to the applicant countries.

price of golden raisins

price of golden raisins

Production of the best Golden Raisin

Raisins including the most popular types of dried and cultivated nuts in the world is a very energetic plus. This product is obtained from drying the grade of a grape. The Golden City is a major producer of Currant and currant-grade raisins with extensive vineyards.

One of the main causes of the reputation of a variety of golden raisins is that these products are early and very sweet. In addition, we must know that in all stages of production of raisins, cultivation and harvesting are not used in any form of poison and deterioration, the clusters of these vines are no physical contact with the soil in any way. All the above the best raisins create the highest level of taste and quality in these products and attract countless fans.

importer raisins

importer raisins

Sell all kinds of golden raisin

Due to the spread of demand for a variety of golden raisins the sale of these products is also expanded. So that manufacturers intend to put their products into reach of all major and minor clients of these products.

In this regard, the production plants of the Golden Raisin in addition to the possibility of direct purchasing from the factories, in most cities and cities have established dealers that offer a variety of products with high diversity and reasonable price in a major or partial way.

golden raisins supplier

In addition to these stores and retail sites, there are also cities and towns that offer a variety of golden raisins in bulk or packaged in different weights according to customers. In the delivery of products in a non-verbal way, through the site and on the telephone ordering of individuals by registering their order from the agencies, they can receive their product in their place of interest.

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