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iranian raisins

The best iranain raisins golden and green raisins suppliers  in 2019 have been sold to world markets at the cheapest price. Raisins Iran in 2019 compared to 2018 was better quality. You can use the following suppliers to buy a variety of Iranian raisins.

golden raisins 1kg price

golden raisins 1kg price

What does a raisins supplier have?

iranain raisins supplier in Iran has changed since 2018. In 2019, due to economic changes that took place in the market structure, the poor suppliers became have disappeared. The withdrawal of poor suppliers made it possible to see factories that have a real power. A good supplier must be able to supply the raisins to the customer in good quality. In addition, a professional supplier must have a strong financial capability.

golden raisins supplier

Which  country golden raisins is the best?

The production of raisins in the world has a long history. The first raisins in Iran and Egypt arose.
The history of raisins dates back to 2000 BC. Grapes are harvested from August to September. To produce raisins, raisin moisture is reduced from 75% to 15%. The best golden raisins in the world are produced in 2 countries. Iran and America. America and Iran provide 80% golden raisins in the world. For this reason, golden raisins can be used to buy a large golden raisin.

golden raisins

iranain raisins golden suppliers

As mentioned above, Iranian raisins have very strong suppliers. Some have the ability to supply 100 tons per week, which is a very good value. The purpose of raisins is to buy raisins, not any kind of raisins. The best golden raisins exporters in Iran are:

  1. Arian company: Iran-Bonab – Arian Raisin Factory
  2. entezari company: Iran- malekan
  3. farhang company: Iran- malekan

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