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golden raisins suppliers

Producers and golden raisins suppliers in Iran are divided according to their ability to produce and supply. The higher the supply power, the lower the positive price. Arian Raisins is both supplier and producer of Golden Raisin in Iran.

What does the raisin factory do?

As we know, raisins come from dried grapes, so raisins cannot be produced. Grapes should be first planted in the vineyard and dried after harvest and ready for packaging after all these steps. The raisin plant is doing its last step. That is, washing, separating broken raisins from healthy in different sizes and then packing. t should be noted, for the production of golden raisins, there must be a sulfur chamber to turn the raisins yellow. Golden raisins suppliers should be able to supply raisins in large volumes in addition to export raisins in a good way.

raisins manufacturer

raisins manufacturer

How the raisins dry?

One of the common types of raisins, is seedless raisins. Most raisin production is devoted to seedless raisins because it is more widely used. Golden raisin is also a seedless variety that is yellow in color. Some types of raisins are traditionally made under the sun, called sun raisins, and are very sweet and organic. Others dry with chemicals that have less water and sweetness.

The sun maid raisins factory is similar to the golden raisin but lacks the sulfur chamber stage and is organically dried. Sunny Raisin is the only packaging and packaging business, with 80% of the work being done in traditional gardens. Sunny Raisin is the only packaging and packaging business, with 80% of the work being done in traditional gardens.

Sultana raisin is another Iranian raisin. Its color is yellowish brown. Sultana raisins and golden raisins are used for cake. The cake is sweet so use raisins that have less sweetness to make it more delicious.

Top golden raisins suppliers Iran

Iran is the largest producer of golden raisins in the world. That is why the number one world exports has golden raisins. The US ranks second, although it ranks first in the world in terms of total raisin exports. There is a time in this space for us to introduce ourselves better. Arian Raisin Factory is located in Iran. The factory has 15 years history. The plant started operating in 2013. The landlords are also home to farmers who sell golden raisins, so there are many factories in the area. Arian Raisin Factory Apart from its 15 years of experience in exporting and producing Golden Raisin, it has strong hardware and software. Modern equipment has made the price of golden raisins as low as possible, and this is very important in exports.

best golden raisins

best golden raisins

The benefits of golden raisins

Raisins are natural foods that have many benefits for disease prevention and control. The most important performance of raisins are:

  1. Arthritis
  2. Reduce blood sugar
  3. Reduce blood fat
  4. Increase children’s height and bone strength
  5. Increase the strength of gums and teeth
  6. Cleansing the intestines
  7. prevent cancer
benefits raisins

benefits raisins

How to buy raisins from Iran

The field of exporting raisins in Iran is available, so you need to specify the purchase and grade of raisins by e-mail to buy golden raisins from Iran. Depending on the economic situation in Iran, the way the settlement is transmitted is a bit different and needs to be negotiated.

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