Price of 1 kg raisin on the market

1 kg raisins price

۱ kg raisins price of seedless golden, sultanas, black and green for bulk is very different from the low purchase. 1kg of raisins are sold in 1kg packages at 30-40% more expensive than wholesale. Fluctuations in the world price of raisins are causing us to face new prices every day.
Price 1 kg of raisins with the fluctuations in the raisins market, more research has been done to buy raisins. The countries with the first exports of raisins are:

  • Iran
  • America
  • Turkey

These three countries are the major exporters of raisins, of which the United States has the most stable economy. Turkey and Iran have different prices due to fluctuations in their value.

market kishmish

market kishmish

۱ kg raisin price

When grapes are dried and turned into raisins, care must be taken not to damage the skin. The healthier the raisins, the sweeter and tasty the raisins. This is why sun-dried raisins and black raisins have a sweeter taste. The price of 1 kg of raisins is also determined by the type of raisins.

Price of golden raisin 2019: 1/91 $
Price of brown raisins 2019: 2/2 $
Price of black raisins: 3/78 $

raisin market price

raisin market price

Buy 1 kilogram and first grade raisins

To buy 1 kilogram raisin and grade one, it is enough to take prestigious centers that have enough experience in dealing with raisins. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, it is easy to make the first grade curtain easily at home.
It is worth mentioning that 1 kilogram raisins are one of the best Iranian raisins, due to its numerous benefits and properties. Some of the most important curtain properties are:
• Strengthens the immune system with high levels of vitamin C
• Treatment of migraine headaches with vitamin A vision
• Helps to grow children with vitamin E
• Avoid osteoporosis due to high calcium
• Help with muscle growth and soothe pain with potassium
• Suitable for diabetics with normal insulin without insulin
• Increasing the milk of mothers as well as their booster
• Suitable for fetal growth the best
• Increase energy and efficiency of the person during the day
• Prevent fatigue
• And …

site raisins

site raisins

Buy 1 kilogram raisin

۱ kilogram and first class raisins are sold on this site with quality assurance. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the prices on this site raisins are very affordable compared to the market for buying and selling the currencies, and so the publisher will satisfy the customers.

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