raisins import export golden vs sultanas

raisins import export

Reputable companies raisins import export in Iran the following are active. Given that golden raisins vs sultanas is a goods of the nutrition Market, and Iranian dried fruits are famous in the world, buyers can buy Iranian raisin at cheap prices. The countries of Iran is the largest exporters of raisins. Iran is oil-rich country and most of the country’s money comes from oil sales. With regard to the decline in oil sales, Iran’s export policies have changed, for this reason the Iranian government has taken special conditions for exporters. Specific conditions have reduced the price of exported goods.

golden raisins vs sultanas

golden raisins vs sultanas

Companies raisins import export in Iran

water, Weather and soil It is important to cultivate grapes. Due to its moderate climate, Iran is a good platform for grape cultivation. Therefore, Iran is among the 3 largest raisin exporters in the world. The most important raisins import export to Iran are golden raisins and raisin sultana. sultanas raisins are one of the golden raisins. The difference between the sultanas raisins with golden raisin, it’s their color. Golden raisins are quite yellow but Raisin Sultana is light brown.

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