Special characteristics iranian golden raisins

Special characteristics iranian golden raisins

Iranian Golden Raisins has special characteristics that are not seen in other countries. The exceptional taste and multiple properties of Iranian raisins have influenced the buy raisins.

Iran is a vast country with plenty of land and two ways to the sea. Iran’s population is 80 million. Agriculture and oil are among the most important commodities in the country. Wilderness is abundant in Iran, but there are also areas with strong agriculture. Raisin in Iran is as valuable as gold. There are over 200 varieties of grapes in Iran that are cultivated in different cities of Iran. Most of the raisins belong to currant raisins. Seedless grapes grow in most Iranian cities in Iran. Raisins from seeds without seeds are also large. Seedless raisin exports rank first among different raisin types.

Specifications golden raisins iran

Specifications golden raisins iran

Benefits of Iranian Raisins

Raisins have many properties, but the quality of the grapes has an impact on increasing the properties of raisins. Iran’s and Turkey’s grapes rank first in the world, but iranian golden raisins rank first. The amount of potassium, vitamin D and antioxidants in Iranian raisins is higher than other countries. Food is measured by taste, which is why there is a high demand for raisins in Iran.

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Iranian Golden Raisins Production Center

Each country has cities that are the center of one of the raisin varieties. California, for example, is the center of California raisins in the United States. California raisins are golden raisins but larger in size. Iran also has 3 cities with the best golden raisin. Bonab, Malekan and Malayer are Iranian cities that produce golden raisins. Grapes in the above cities have small seeds and no seeds. Golden currant in these areas has the most potassium and antioxidants. Iranian golden raisins are used to treat cancers. The potassium in raisins will not cause blood clots. One of the most common diseases is blood clots in the vein which is fatal. Golden raisins are high in potassium due to the sulfur smoke.

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How to Buy Iranian Golden Raisin

What is certain is to buy Iranian Golden Raisin in Iran. The towns of Bonab and Malekan are also manufacturing centers, but we must find suppliers of golden raisins. Those outside of Iran who cannot travel to Iran can use the following phones. Given the issues Iran has with the United States, it is not possible to use credit to buy gold raisins in cash, but negotiations can find ways to buy golden raisins so that both sides of the bargain are comfortable. The people we mentioned are among the best exporters and producers of raisins, but there are also other producers that have golden raisins. The golden raisin supplier must be qualified to be a good supplier.

Arian Golden Raisin Factory +۹۸۹۱۲۳۴۸۳۰۰۲
Entezari Golden Raisin Factory +۹۸۹۳۵۸۴۱۱۸۰۸
Agricultural Raisin Factory +۹۸۹۳۵۴۱۳۱۷۹۰
Asadi Green Raisin Factory +۹۸۹۲۱۴۰۱۹۲۷۱
Totonchi Raisin Factory +۹۸۹۱۲۱۰۳۲۹۸۰