Specifications golden raisins iran

Specifications golden raisins iran

Golden raisins iran has characteristics that none of the world’s golden raisins have. Cities like Kashmar, Malkan, Bonab, Malayer, Tabriz are the main destination for dried fruits.

How golden raisins are produced.

Grapes are useful and tasty fruits that are harvested in early autumn. Fruit is a good food that is not obese and has a world of vitamins. The fruits of each season are different so they cannot be consumed at any time. Humans dry them in order to reap the benefits of the fruit at every season. Raisins are also dried grape product. Golden raisins are also a type of dried grapes that are golden in color. Yellow raisins are due to sulfur gas. To see the production of golden raisins iran you can visit the many Golden Raisin factories in Iran.

golden raisins

Introduction to golden raisin varieties

Golden raisins also come in many varieties. Grapes have different varieties and raisins are different. One of the grape varieties is seedless grape, which has circular, fine grains called golden seedless raisins. Another cultivar of grapes is the grape seeded. Any grape is not suitable for yellowing because raisins should be economical.

Buy and sale grape is better or raisiisn

Raisins are one of the grape products. Grapes have many products. Grape sales start in late summer and continue through the end of autumn, but raisins last up to a year, so it is economically more profitable to buy raisins. When it comes to grapes, buying grapes is much more than raisins, but raisins are used in the food industry so they include more volume.

raisins export data

raisins export data

Golden Raisin producing countries

Grapes grow everywhere in temperate climates, but the grapes need plenty of soil and water. For example, countries in East Asia and Europe have little agricultural land, but Iran, Turkey, the US, Greece, Afghanistan, Georgia have a lot of agricultural land. By comparing the amount of gold raisins exported by different countries we will find out which countries have the most raisins. Iran, the United States and Turkey are the countries with major exports raisins. The volume of golden raisin production is also allocated to these four countries.

Reasons superiority golden raisins iran

Iran is one of the countries whose land is prone to seedless grapes. When raisins are steamed to the sulfur chamber, it tastes great because it is so sweet and that is why the golden raisins iran is in great demand. Iran’s best golden raisin is also produced in Malekan and Bonab. Malayer, Kashmar and Takestan also have golden raisins, but the best golden raisins are for Malekan and Bonab. The price of golden raisins in Malekan is also more expensive than in other Iranian cities.


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