To get the best price raisins must be purchased directly from the manufacturer without any intermediary. Exporting merchants cannot give you a low price. The phone numbers of several major suppliers have come up.



golden raisin price per kg in australia

golden raisin price

The price of golden raisins per kg in Australia depends on how the raisins are delivered. The base price of golden raisins per tonne is below the price list, but the dollar exchange rate changes the price. Buyers of raisins have to pay attention to some important things. The price of gold raisins for industrial use is different from that for food.

Australia is one of the most important continents in the world. The center of Australia is Sydney. Australia is one of the countries with strong industries as well as agriculture and livestock. 

What is Raisin in Australia?

In the United States and Canada, the name raisins applies to all dried grapes, with breakfast cereals known as “sultana raisins” in Australia, New Zealand, and England in the United States and Canada. Sultana Thompson’s raisins is small and sweet and golden in color. Sultanas raisin is one of the different types of golden raisin and they differ only in color.

golden raisins vs sultanas

golden raisins vs sultanas

What is the difference between Golden Raisin and Raisin?

Raisins do not differ in properties, but in terms of texture and color. Farmers hang grapes in their vineyards on wooden fences to dry. In this case raisins are made. Golden raisins are a little different. Raisins are removed with a sulfur chamber. The sulfur chamber is a room with sulfur smoke in the air. The impact of sulfur smoke on raisins turns the color of raisins yellow.

iran raisin production

Prices of raisins with golden raisins

The price of raisins is more expensive than sultana and golden raisins. Raisins are made in the traditional way, so they are more expensive. Golden Raisins and Sultana are dried by immersing the grapes in chemical liquid without harm, so drying raisins in the traditional way is longer than the traditional method. The golden raisin price is determined per kilo. Wholesale prices of raisins are cheaper than retail prices. To send raisins to Australia must have a standard Iranian certification. The Iranian standard has been formulated according to the international standard.

global raisin production

global raisin production

Golden raisin price per kg in Australia

Each container holds 20 tons of raisins. Each box of raisins is 10 kg. In other words, it will fit in a 2000 box 10k container. To determine the golden price raisin per kilogram you have to add the shipping cost to the final price in Australia. Raisin packages should be standard. Iran has the best golden raisin, but is far from Australia, so the special golden raisin packaging is designed to withstand long distances. The price of golden raisins at the factory door is as follows. Australian customs duties arenot the same as for countries. Customs duties on travelers vary with raisin exporters, so we need to set a daily golden raisin price per kg.






Raisin low price per kg for carrot cake

Raisin low price per kg for carrot cake

Raisin low price per kg is attractive to carrot cake makers because carrot cake is one of the most delicious types of cake. Arian Raisin Factory will supply you with the lowest wholesale price you need.

Where is Arian Raisin Factory?

Arian is one of the famous brands in Iran that produces golden raisin. Arian plant is located in northwestern Iran. Northwest Iran is a relatively cold region, but it is a good place to grow grapes and produce golden raisins. Aryan Raisin has been in the Raisin market for 4 years and is one of the exporters of raisin to Europe.

raisins manufacturer

raisins manufacturer

How to make carrot cake

Carrot cake is one of the most popular raisin sweeteners. The combination of sweets and raisins makes for a good combination. To make carrot cake you need carrots, milk, raisins, eggs. To make the carrot cake, first grate in a bowl of carrot and brown sugar. Set aside the mixture for an hour. After an hour, combine the raisins and milk and eggs and place in the oven. Set the oven temperature to 360 degrees Fahrenheit or 175 degrees Celsius. After 45 minutes remove the cake from the oven and decorate with golden raisins on the cake. This is the easiest way to make a carrot cake, but a professional chef needs help from a professional carrot raisin cake maker.

carrot cake with raisins

Which raisin is suitable for carrot cake?

One of the ingredients needed for making carrot cake is raisins. The cake is sweet because it wants a lot of sugar so it makes the raisin sweeter, which is not very appealing, but the golden raisin is the only raisin that has a sour and sweet taste. and In addition to the benefits of raisins, it increases the taste of the cake by several times. Buy golden raisins is an important ingredient for the factories that make carrot cake. The raisin low price encourages carrot cake managers to buy more.

where can i buy golden raisins

where can i buy golden raisins fresh

Where is the best golden raisin?

Raisins are made in most countries of the world but golden raisins are not everywhere. The advanced countries of the world use cake a lot. The overcrowding of people in developed countries and big cities has made it hard to eat breakfast For this reason, cakes have replaced breakfast and evening. Raisins in the carrot cake have provided the body with the vitamin it needs from the raisins in the cake. Large factories for golden raisin sour are usually in contact with Iranian and American golden raisin exporters, which are the center of golden raisin.

Raisin low price per kg

Most people know the direct relationship between quality and price, and that’s a good idea. Proper markets with less lies and deception have a better price tag. The above theory about raisins is also true. The Raisin low price per kg is also associated with poor quality. Some manufacturers use the best golden raisin to make carrot cake, while others use low quality. Golden raisins are used both on the cake and inside the cake. For the carrot cake we do not need to use the best golden raisin (the raisin is not spoiled) but to decorate the cake we need to use the best golden raisin for Iran.

iranian golden raisins

iranian golden raisins

price iranian golden raisins

The price of Iranian Golden Raisin has different qualities. Golden raisin suppliers provide different types of gold raisin with different packaging for different income classes. The following price list is based on Fob in Iran. The prices listed below are for information. Price varies based on tonnage purchased. Contact Golden Raisin suppliers for the final price of Golden Raisin.

GOLDEN RAISINS GRADE 3 ۱٫۳۰ $ per kg



Raisins price per pound for online sellers

Raisins price per pound

The Raisins price per pound varies for online retailers and wholesalers. To find out the price of raisins with different bags in different countries go to suppliers of each country.

People who have experience in selling raisins know that raisins have many varieties and each raisin is also used for a particular job. If we want to classify raisins, we have to name 2 categories:

  1. Grain Raisins
  2. Currant raisins
raisins thompson

raisins thompson

Raisins seedless such as golden raisins, Sultana and seeded raisins such as black raisins and green raisins. Of course, the black raisins in Afghanistan is type of seedless raisin and has less sweetness. Iran’s black raisin is very sweet and nuclear. Black raisins are very tasty and are very useful and inexpensive for athletes who burn high calories.

type of raisins

What is the big raisin?

Raisins are from grape seed. Grape seeds are small and they get smaller when they dry. When the grapes are dried, the actual size of the raisins is determined. A cluster of grapes has approximately the same grain but sizes change as they dry. Whatever The bigger the grape seeds, the bigger the raisins. The largest raisin size is for black raisin. Of course, other raisins are also small and large, but not as large as black raisins. The price of black raisins is also expensive. If we compare the price of black raisins with the prices of golden raisins, we will find a difference of 4.4 to 6.6 per pound.

1 kg raisins

The most convenient method of buying 1 kg raisins

what is Jumbo Black Raisins?

Jumbo black raisin is a large dried grape that has exceptional properties. Jumbo raisins are eaten raw and cooked and eaten. In some countries it is also used in the liquor industry. Since jumbo raisins are sweet, it also produces a lot of alcohol. Black jumbo raisins can also be used in the manufacture of industrial alcohol.

raisins export data

raisins export data

A few pounds of grapes can be produced raisins?

When the grapes dry, they lose weight, so the weight of 1 pound of grapes is not equal to 1 pounds of raisins. The ratio of grape to raisin production is 1: 4. That is,1 pound of grapes equal 0/25 pounds of raisins. Those who intend to convert grapes to raisins should pay attention to this proportion so as not to harm them. According to this ratio, raisin exports are higher than grape exports.

Does Raisin Increase Testosterone?

Raisins are rich in resveratrol. By eating raisins we can increase the hormonal potency. Bodybuilders use testosterone ampoules to increase their muscles, while eating raisins can naturally increase testosterone.

benefits raisins

benefits raisins

Raisins price per pound

Raisins are buy mainly and sold in small packages. The raisins price per pound for wholesale varies with retail. On the other hand, the raisins price per pound for online retailers also varies with wholesalers. The Amazon site, for example, is a popular online store that buy raisins in bulk. This category of buyers should be considered in the wholesale category as high volumes of raisins demand.




Urgent sale of all kinds of golden raisin

kinds of golden raisin

Today, the urgent sale of all kinds of golden raisins is easily possible through the sale sites of this product in all parts of the country. It is enough to refer to these sites and after you submit your order, your kinds of golden raisin will be delivered in the shortest possible time.

The best producer of raisins in quality, the city of malekan is in irans east azarbayejan Province. High quality of this product has led to its reputation in domestic and foreign market for raisins. This type of raisins is very costly and is used in festivals and celebrations.

best price raisins

Features of Golden Raisin

The golden raisins are produced in green and golden Two and are renowned as green raisins. The characteristics of this product, which makes its reputation, are as follows:

  • High quality
  • Mellow Sweets
  • Zoography
  • Devoid of soil pollution
  • No use of chemical pesticides in planting and harvesting stages
  • Raisin production by Dry shade method

 Most golden vineyards are of a type of seedless raisins and asgari and grainy. That about 75 percent of the crops of these vineyards are converted into raisins.

price golden raisins

price golden raisins

Selling price of Golden raisin

The price of this product is determined by many factors such as grade one and export. Also, if you purchase the product from online sales centers and directly from the manufacturer because of the elimination of intermediaries, the price is significantly reduced.

golden raisins gin does work

golden raisins gin does work

Buying and selling all kinds of golden raisin

Today, it is possible to buy raisins and sell this product through Internet sales centers in all parts of the country. In this fact, the price is better because the product is directly from the manufacturer to a consumer. Packaging of these products is usually available in 3, 5 and 10 kg, and export sales is possible through the same centers.


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