Exports raisins are the most important dried material in Iran. The best golden and sunny raisins are used for export. The raisins market has a good profit for its raisins exporters.


Order dried golden raisin bulk

golden raisin bulk

Golden raisin bulk dried are order by top Iranian suppliers. The amount of golden raisin order is very important in determining the wholesale price of golden raisins. Raisin wrapping is also important to explain.

Where is the Golden Raisin Made?

Raisins are produced from grapes and grapes in the vineyard. Grapes have different models. Fine and coarse, red and yellow and white, currant and with nuclei. We dry each of the grapes and reach a raisin. For example, black grapes bring us to black raisins and seedless grapes bring us to seedless raisin. The golden raisin we are talking about is made from seedless grapes plus sulfur dioxide. Seedless grapes have small, circular grains. When dry, it turns brown and green. When raisins are exposed to sulfur dioxide, the raisins turn yellow.

dried golden raisin

dried golden raisin

After turning yellow, spread the raisins again to dry completely. Between the purchase volume of raisins between varieties raisins, Buy golden raisins is the largest volume because it is used to make all kinds of cakes. The golden raisin consumption volume of cakes is high, so there is always a need for golden raisin bulk. Grapes and raisins need cool and slightly warm weather. The best air and soil for producing golden raisins is in Iran, the US and Turkey.

raisins wholesale market

Where to buy California American Raisins?

California raisin is Iran’s golden raisin with one difference. California Raisins America is made in the state of California. Californië is the only state in the US that is full of vineyards. California’s golden raisin bulk are larger in size due to the breed in the grape. California raisins are 10 to 18 mm in size, while bulk golden raisins in Iran are 8 to 12 mm. The smaller the raisins, the better it is used in cake making and food, But California raisins can be eaten alone because they are large in size and better marketing. It should be noted that  bulk Sultana raisins are also a subspecies of golden raisins, but are brownish in color.

order raisin wine

order raisin wine

Order golden raisin bulk online

Raisin is one of the few items on the Internet that is less than other commodities. Most raisins sell hot packages. Factories for preparing bulk golden raisins must be in contact with suppliers of golden raisins. For online ordering of raisins, you can contact Golden Raisins suppliers by phone and email numbers. The difference between suppliers of Iranian Golden Raisin bulk and other countries is cheap.

Golden Raisin Packaging for export

Packaging is very important in export. The packaging should be such that it does not penetrate any water or moisture. Especially in the case of raisins, which are a destructive food ingredient. Raisins should be stored in a cool dry place. Export packages of raisins are either 10kg or 5kg. Golden raisins cannot be shipped in warm packaging because it is not economically valuable and may be damaged. Exporters of Golden Raisins in Iran, because they are familiar with the method export raisins to most countries in the world, know what packaging is appropriate for which country. On the other hand, they are able to deliver the packaging according to customer requirements.

packag raisins

packag raisins

Wholesale prices of golden raisins

Exports are important and prices cannot be easily said. Price is one of the most important variables in export. The price of golden raisins is less competitive because it is monopolized by Iran and the US, but it can be made cheaper. The value of the Iranian currency is constantly falling, which is why the price of gold raisins is much cheaper to export than in other countries. The price of China’s Golden Raisin bulk is cheaper than Iran’s Golden Raisin, but the taste, color and size of Iran’s Golden Raisin are much better than that of China.

golden raisin iran

golden raisin iran

Important cities of Iran for golden raisin

Unlike the US, Iran has many raisin-producing cities. Iran is a temperate country with 90% of its grapes planted, but some cities have more vineyards. Sunny or acidic raisins are produced in 4 cities in Iran, but golden raisins are produced in 3 cities. Golden Raisin Cities in Iran:

  • Bonab
  • malekan
  • Middoab

Sun and acidic raisin towns

  • takestan
  • Malayer
  • Kashmar
1 kg raisins

1 kg raisins

Minimum and maximum raisin order

Exports of golden raisins are both minimal and maximum. There are some importers of raisins that close annual contracts and demand a high tonnage so the supplier of golden raisins must be able to supply on time. Arian Golden Raisin Plant is capable of supplying 100 tonnes of golden raisin per week. The minimum order of raisins is 20 tonnes because the order of raisins is not economically less than 20 tonnes.

price of golden raisins

price of golden raisins

order raisin wine

One of the uses of raisins is to make wine. Beverages from raisins are very useful in treating osteoarthritis and bone pain. Alcohol has many disadvantages, but it also has many benefits. Golden or raisin grade B or C must be used to order raisins. Of course, the better the quality of the raisins, the better the alcohol produced.



Exports Golden Raisins super to uk price

golden raisins uk

Exports of golden raisins uk from Iran are made at a very cheap price. Golden Raisin, sultana, Asda and Jumbo and waitrose are sold in the UK. Golden golden and Sultana raisins against the products of the Arian factory in Bonab, Iran, have been able to capture the market for raisins in the UK.


Iran’s golden raisins are exported to Europe with the best quality. Selling Iran’s Golden Raisin to Europe will make Europe competitive. The quality of golden raisin depends on its color and size. Whichever quality grape must we use, we will receive a magnificent golden raisin.

Golden raisin iran

Exports of golden raisins uk

Iran is the world’s largest exporter of raisins. The most important Iranian export raisin is super golden raisin. England is recommended for raisin because of wet weather. Humidity makes the bones of the human body weak, so raisins are used to strengthen the bones. Due to its excellent quality, Iran raisins are exported to most countries in the world, such as the UK.

golden raisins gin

Wholesale price of golden raisins

Golden Raisin uk For the convenience of buying golden raisin by traders, consider the special price listed below. Importers of raisins in the United Kingdom know that purchasing golden raisins from Iran is profitable for them in all respects. Finally, you can contact via email with golden raisins was informed of the final price

golden raisins price
 raisins golden grade super ۲/۸ $ per kg
 raisins golden grade one ۲/۷ $ per kg


How to send raisins are two ways. The price list is based on the delivery of the EXW method.

  • Exw
  • CIF

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