Golden raisin with benefits is introduced as the best raisin of Grade A. Sun maid raisins are next gold raisin is located. Prices and where to buy from below.



where to buy seedless raisins golden grade a

where to buy seedless raisins

where to buy seedless raisins golden grade A? The best raisins in the world are for the following countries. What is the difference between seedless and seeded raisins? Which type of raisins are best?

seedless raisins ,seedless grapes which is said to be dry. If dried in a sulfur method It’s a golden raisin and if it’s dry in the sun we call it a sunny raisin. green raisin and black can be seedless raisins. We note that black raisins are indigenous to Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

sun raisins price

where to buy seedless raisins golden

where to buy seedless raisins golden grade is a very important question for raisin importers. buy good and cheap raisins helps the importer raisin is sold faster. important center for golden raisins production, Iran and the United States. The two countries provide more than 75% of the golden raisins in the world. Iran has three important centers for producing golden raisins. Bonab, Malakan and Malayer are three important centers for the production of golden raisins.

buy seedless raisins

buy seedless raisins

What is the best raisin?

Raisin is of any use for human health. Raisin prevents many diseases. If you want a raisin for trading, the golden raisin is the best raisin. Sun maid raisins are also in second place. In the event that We want to use raisins for daily consumption sun maid raisins and black raisins are the best raisins. Exports of raisins are of great importance to niche exporters, because they will benefit greatly.


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major exporters golden raisins to india

raisins exporter

Raisins exporter to India are In Iran, Turkey and the United States. The world’s largest raisin producers In Iran and the United States, Turkey is in third place. Best golden raisins and  sunny raisins are produced in Malayer Iran. Malayer, Bonab and Malekan in Iran are The largest golden raisins exporters.

supplier raisins

supplier raisins

Malayers golden raisins Is better Or Malekan

Golden raisins in Iran is very popular. The reason is to sell golden raisins has a relation. Sell golden raisins in Iran high volume. Best raisins in Iran is Golden raisin. Best golden raisins in Iran is produced in Malayer, Bonab and Malekan. It should be noted, golden raisin Malekan & Bonab and Malayer is better.

The most important feature, the color and taste of golden raisins Bonab and Malekan quality is very high. For this reason, the export of iranian golden raisins to india has the highest value. Bonab raisins are similar in comparison to the malekan raisins, because cities are close together.

golden raisins vs sultanas

golden raisins vs sultanas

Raisins exporter to india from iran

There are many raisins exporter in Iran that provides varieties of raisins, but they are not all strong. Most of them are businessmen. They are buy raisins from produser and it is exporting. This makes it possible the price of raisins will increase.

sultana raisins prices

The difference between sultana raisins prices vs golden raisins

Direct buy from raisins producer makes up the price of raisins is reduced. Raisins exporter in Iran which are also manufacturers are as follows. in addition to، the names you see in the table below exports of golden raisins to countries like India, Germany, Spain, Malaysia, the Philippines, Italy, France, Turkey and the United States.

Manufacturer and exporter of golden raisin Malayer (+۹۸)۹۱۲۳۴۸۳۰۰۲
Manufacturer and exporter of golden raisin Bonab (+۹۸)۹۲۱۴۰۱۹۲۷۱
Manufacturer and exporter of golden raisin Malekan (+۹۸)۹۳۵۸۴۱۱۸۰۸
Manufacturer and exporter of golden raisin Malekan (+۹۸)۹۳۵۴۱۳۱۷۹۰



iranian golden raisins suppliers 2019

iranian raisins

The best iranain raisins golden and green raisins suppliers  in 2019 have been sold to world markets at the cheapest price. Raisins Iran in 2019 compared to 2018 was better quality. You can use the following suppliers to buy a variety of Iranian raisins.

golden raisins 1kg price

golden raisins 1kg price

What does a raisins supplier have?

iranain raisins supplier in Iran has changed since 2018. In 2019, due to economic changes that took place in the market structure, the poor suppliers became have disappeared. The withdrawal of poor suppliers made it possible to see factories that have a real power. A good supplier must be able to supply the raisins to the customer in good quality. In addition, a professional supplier must have a strong financial capability.

golden raisins supplier

Which  country golden raisins is the best?

The production of raisins in the world has a long history. The first raisins in Iran and Egypt arose.
The history of raisins dates back to 2000 BC. Grapes are harvested from August to September. To produce raisins, raisin moisture is reduced from 75% to 15%. The best golden raisins in the world are produced in 2 countries. Iran and America. America and Iran provide 80% golden raisins in the world. For this reason, golden raisins can be used to buy a large golden raisin.

golden raisins

iranain raisins golden suppliers

As mentioned above, Iranian raisins have very strong suppliers. Some have the ability to supply 100 tons per week, which is a very good value. The purpose of raisins is to buy raisins, not any kind of raisins. The best golden raisins exporters in Iran are:

  1. Arian company: Iran-Bonab – Arian Raisin Factory
  2. entezari company: Iran- malekan
  3. farhang company: Iran- malekan


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