The best raisins for health have a lot of positive effects. best types of raisins. They include golden raisins, sultanas raisins, sun maid raisins and green raisins and black raisins. The following article tells us what is the best grapes for raisins?


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Raisins bulk best wholesale price per pound

raisins bulk price

raisins bulk price wholesale with a variety of packaging ask for the largest raisin supplier. The price of each boxes of raisins per pound and kg is as follows. Bulk raisin have different definitions that we recall. Sell bulk raisins, through the manufacturer in Iran Called Arian Raisin Factory with the cheapest price.

raisins wholesale price

raisins wholesale price

what is bulk raisins?

Bulk raisins a fruit is dried Which is not yet packed. Bulk raisins have different definitions, but here we mean raisins are not packed. When the raisin passes through the stage of sort, it will be packed. At this stage, the grade raisin is determined. Whatever quality bulk raisins be better Raisin lesions also will be less.

raisins price per kg

raisins price per kg

Types of bulk raisins

When grapes are arranged, some of it is for sale And another amount used to convert to raisins. Grapes or with light and warmth of the sun or Through acid and sulfur dioxide become a raisin. By any means that raisin to be made first, the raisin is bulk and then goes to the packing stage. Raisins grading It makes the price of raisins determined.

  • golden raisins bulk
  • sun maid raisins bulk
  • raisins acidic bulk
  • green raisins bulk
  • black raisins bulk

sun raisins price

raisins bulk price wholesale

Wholesale price of raisins with retail prices very different. We mean raisin sales, raisins export therefore at least the buy raisins is a container. A raisin container contains 18 to 20 tons of raisins. he price of raisins per kilo does not differ from each pound, only every 2/2 pounds is one kg. The following table shows the price per kilogram of raisins. Because raisins is for export raisins, therefore, it should be packed in one form.

golden raisins ۱/۸ $ per kg
sun maid raisins ۱/۹ $ per kg
green raisins ۱/۵ $ per kg
acidic raisins ۱/۷ $ per kg

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Sell online the best raisins to Corporation Tesco

sell raisins online

Sell online the best raisins to Corporation Tesco is done through the Arian raisin site. The Arian corporation has the best golden raisin and sunny, bulk and packaged raisins available at cheap prices. To buy Tesco, you can purchase online terms with special conditions.

Tesco is one of the world’s largest retailers. It sells a variety of food products like high quality raisins and beautiful packaging. Tesco has 475,000 employees worldwide. Tesco dealers are active in the UK, Thailand, Hungary and Ireland.

sell raisins

Features of the best golden raisins in Iran

Golden raisins are the best raisins in the world. The reason is Iran’s raisin exports to Europe and some rich Arab countries. Iran’s features golden raisins privileged to have the second largest exporter of raisins world. The taste and color of the Iranian golden raisin is, in every respect, the best golden raisin in the world. In addition, California raisin is also the best raisin in the world.

Sell raisins online to Corporation Tesco

Given the fact that the Tesco Food Company is the largest retailer of raisins, the Arian Raisins Factory has launched its sell raisins online. The big sites in the world, like Tesco, have a high buying volume, so golden raisins are down for these companies.
sell raisins online is as follows:

  • The type of raisin is determined.
  • Contact us and email us your request.
  • The amount of raisin is determined.
  • The method of sending the goods is specified.
  • If needed, the raisin sample is sent.

The price of golden raisin has 3 ratings. Based on these three types of golden raisins. Call us to buy major raisins.


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