Top raisin producing countries 2020

Top raisin producing countries

The top raisin producing countries in 2020 have made changes that we will name. They are the best producers and exporters of raisins in these countries. The difference in the quality of raisins can be seen in the production of countries.

Grapes are one of the most important trees in the agricultural industry. Grapes are traditionally grown and cultivated, but the taste of natural grapes varies from flower to house. Grape flavor has a direct relationship with soil and air, so Iran and Turkey are among the top raisin producing countries.

iran raisin production

iran raisin production

Raisin market status in 2019

As we said, the conditions for grape cultivation must be good for the grape tree to grow. The climate over the past few years has caused agriculture to change. For example, the 2018-2019 cold weather in Iran reduced the volume of raisin production. Reducing the volume of raisins increased the price of raisins. Farmers who go to greenhouse raisins can provide the right conditions for the grape tree, but the taste is slightly different from natural raisins.

global raisin production

global raisin production

Top raisin producing countries 2020

Iran, the United States and Turkey are the top raisins in the world. In addition to raisin production, the top exporters of raisins are also present in these three countries. Iran and Turkey have good conditions for natural raisin production in 2020, so you can get the best raisin at the lowest price. The US also has advanced technology, with California leading the way in all US states. California is the only state that produces 20 percent of the world’s raisins.

Raisins price per pound

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Top Raisin Exporters

The top producers of raisins belong to the three countries of Iran, Turkey and the US, but this is not the reason that the top exporters of raisins are also in this country. The exporter is someone who buying raisins and exports them to other countries. For example, more than 30% of Turkish raisins are exported by Iranian raisins exporters, while Turkey is the second largest producer of raisins in the world. The year 2020 belongs to Iran because the raisins are all over Iran and you can buy it cheaply. The golden raisin of Iran is as famous in the world as the Turkish sultanas raisins is known in the world. Contact a raisins suppliers to buy golden raisins.

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Export of raisins to Europe

Europe is one of the countries that love golden raisins. Europeans are not very good at sweets, so they use golden raisins that have little sweetness. Putting the golden raisin in the cake, on the other hand, is both delicious and pretty, so it has a positive effect on the sales of the cake. Golden raisin in Europe is known as the Sultan. Iran as one of the Top raisin producing countries, Mine is a golden raisin.