type of iranian golden raisins

iranian golden raisins

Iranian Golden Raisins is produced in Iran with different packaging and quality. One type of Iranian yellow raisin is seedless golden raisin. Buy and sell golden raisins is also performed everywhere in the world.

Various varieties of raisins are produced in Iran, the most famous being seedless raisin. The currant has industrial uses so it must be internationally approved.

golden raisin iran

Dry golden raisin iran

Type of seedless iranian raisins

Seedless raisins are called raisins that come from the drying and processing of seedless grapes. It has a very fine grain, which cannot be easily touched by the pressure of the fingers. Raisins without The seed is divided into the following names according to the drying method:

  • golden raisin(angori)
  • sun raisin
  • Raisins acid

type of raisins

sun dried iranian raisins

Put the seedless grapes in front of sunlight to dry. The color of sun-dried raisins is brown. One of the methods drying grape, spread the raisins in front of the sun or on the ground, and break them every few days or hang the grapes from the sticks to dry out in the heat and sunlight. The best way to make sunny raisins is the above method. Be careful, however, that grapes are not eaten by insects such as bees or birds.

sun maid raisins price

sun maid raisins price

iranian golden raisins

Those in the food factory such as making carrot cakes, etc. are familiar with golden raisins. One of the uses of golden raisins is in carrot cake. Iranian golden raisins are used in many cakes and biscuits, but golden raisins are special. The production of golden raisins is that Put the grapes in front of the sulfur smoke (yellow dioxide) to turn yellow. After raisins turn yellow, we must hang in a room with shade to dry.

golden raisins price

golden raisins price

Raisins dried acid

There are oily foods used to dry grapes. The supernatant is herbal and has no harm to the body. The difference between acidic iranian raisins and sunny raisins is that the taste of sunny raisins is sweeter than the acidic raisins. The price of acidic raisins is also cheaper than sun-dried raisins, so it has industrial uses. Between acidic raisins,
Buy golden raisins is more than acidic brownish raisins. Another name for acid raisins in Europe, Raisins are Sultana.

sultanas raisins

sultanas raisins

iranian golden raisins for industrial use

  • Live pest: To any organism in any of the stages of growth, such as the six endings, mites, fungi and bacteria that nourish or grow raisins on the raisins and cause quantitative and qualitative pollution is said.
  • blighted ovum: Traces of pest work are said to be visible to the naked eye on raisins. These works In the form of cavities of six endings and mites, the presence of ants and litter, eggshells, larvae and pupae And so it is visible in raisins.
  • External materials: Any material other than seedless raisins, which is freely seen inside its packaging, is called. Such as: soil, sand and gravel, glass, metal objects and wood.
  • Sulfur dioxide residue: The amount of sulfur dioxide absorbed in raisins is said to be.
  • Abnormal odor and taste: Abnormal odor and taste caused by the influence of environmental and chemical contaminants (such as petroleum and naphthalene), it is possible.
  • Raisin tails A small piece of wood with a tail that extends over one millimeter in length, is said.
  • Seedless raisin color: The natural color of raisins is seedless, varying from dark brown to amber yellow, depending on the method of drying.
  • Humidity: The free water in raisins is seedless, which can be separated and measured without decomposition.
  • Sugar is called the crystallization of grape sugar, the largest visible surface of which is more than one millimeter.
  • Pollution: Straws, leaves of trees and any foreign matter of plant origin that is present on the surface of raisins, which is visible to the naked eye and is not easily detachable from raisins.
  • Moldiness: The effects of molds and fungi growth that are typically black outlines visible to the naked eye.
  • Aflatoxin: Such as: 1 Aflatoxins are toxic, often produced by a number of different species of Aspergillus under specific conditions, and have different types 3 and Aspergillus parasiticus 2 Aspergillus flavus, the most important of which are B1, B2, G1, M1 and G2 and M2.
  • Ochratoxin and Aflatoxin test: The ochratoxin and Aflatoxin test is performed on request by the applicant. In this case, the ochratoxin level should not exceed 5925.
  • best golden raisins

    best golden raisins

Classification of golden raisins

Seedless raisins are divided into three classes: coarse, medium and fine. Seed raisin size is determined by counting the number per 100 grams of raisin according to Table 1. For raisins sales, the high profile helps increase raisin exports.

big To 300 grain
medium Between 301 and 360 grain
Tiny ۳۶۱ grain onwards