Urgent sale of all kinds of golden raisin

kinds of golden raisin

Today, the urgent sale of all kinds of golden raisins is easily possible through the sale sites of this product in all parts of the country. It is enough to refer to these sites and after you submit your order, your kinds of golden raisin will be delivered in the shortest possible time.

The best producer of raisins in quality, the city of malekan is in irans east azarbayejan Province. High quality of this product has led to its reputation in domestic and foreign market for raisins. This type of raisins is very costly and is used in festivals and celebrations.

best price raisins

Features of Golden Raisin

The golden raisins are produced in green and golden Two and are renowned as green raisins. The characteristics of this product, which makes its reputation, are as follows:

  • High quality
  • Mellow Sweets
  • Zoography
  • Devoid of soil pollution
  • No use of chemical pesticides in planting and harvesting stages
  • Raisin production by Dry shade method

 Most golden vineyards are of a type of seedless raisins and asgari and grainy. That about 75 percent of the crops of these vineyards are converted into raisins.

price golden raisins

price golden raisins

Selling price of Golden raisin

The price of this product is determined by many factors such as grade one and export. Also, if you purchase the product from online sales centers and directly from the manufacturer because of the elimination of intermediaries, the price is significantly reduced.

golden raisins gin does work

golden raisins gin does work

Buying and selling all kinds of golden raisin

Today, it is possible to buy raisins and sell this product through Internet sales centers in all parts of the country. In this fact, the price is better because the product is directly from the manufacturer to a consumer. Packaging of these products is usually available in 3, 5 and 10 kg, and export sales is possible through the same centers.

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