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Wholesale price 100g of seedless raisins

raisins 100g price

Wholesale price 100g of seedless raisins In the global market based on the type of raisin is different. Package prices of 500g and 1 kg are the same but the wholesale price of 10 kg packages varies. For the sale of raisins packaged, you must buy in bulk grade A. Buy raisins in 100 grams and 500 grams It is done on websites. That’s why you have to buy it in bulk. in this case, we can sell in smaller packages.

seedless raisins price

seedless raisins price

What is the best seedless raisins?

There are raisins in both cases, seedless and seed. if we want use raisins for food you have to use a raisin seedless, but in other words, you have to buy seeded raisins. Best raisins for export belongs to buy seedless raisins, because it has more application.

buy seedless raisins

buy seedless raisins

Raisins 100g price 2019

raisins 100g price 2019 in different countries and sites are different. The raisins 100g price on Amazon site varies with Ali Baba. Sell raisins in Iran in form Packages are 10kg. Wholesale price of raisins In Iran is as follows.

golden raisins grade A ۱/۸ $ per kg
sun maid raisins grade A ۱/۹ $ per kg
raisins acidic grade A ۱/۷ $ per kg

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