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wholesale price golden raisins buyers in dubai

raisins wholesale price

Golden raisins wholesale price that is of interest to the rich people in dubai , it is by Iranian suppliers Listed below. The above table shows the price of 1 kg of raisins. The price declared is consistent with the world market price by comparing the wholesale price, you can get the cheapest price.

Dubai Economic center and commercial Emirates. UAE not only is rich country, but also buy the best food and consumer goods. Countries that are wealthy but do not import high-quality food. Raisins, like dates with special properties.

buy raisins 1kg

buy raisins 1kg

golden raisins wholesale price in dubai

Raisin like any food has different qualities. Since the raisin reaches the packaging stage, it should wash, isolate, and resize, and then load into the rails. These steps make the raisins graded. Raisins are graded in different packages. The raisins wholesale price is also based on the same grade.

raisins wholesale

raisins wholesale

It should be noted golden Raisin Grading, It is harder to compare with black raisins or sun maid raisins because yellow vs black or brown is easier to see . If the damage is in golden raisins, we can easily identify it. Dubai is aware of the price of its merchandise because of its global communications business, so the golden raisins wholesale price listed below is world-class. raisin price per kg is set. Raisins packaging is 10 kg. If the price per kg of raisin is $ 1, raisins box price is $ 10.

golden raisins price

golden raisins price

golden raisins grade A ۱/۹۵ $ per kg
golden raisins grade B ۱/۸۸ $ per kg
sultanas raisins grade A ۱/۶۲ $ per kg

The cost of raisins to Dubai

The cost of carrying raisins to Dubai is cheaper due to the border with Iran. It is more expensive to carry goods through land and there is the possibility of ruining raisins. carry raisins by sea is dangerous as there is a possibility of moisture penetration into the raisin box. Therefore, freight should be carried out very quickly packages are vacuum so that moisture does not penetrate.

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